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detailing f.a.q.

There are four steps to keeping your vehicle’s finish in like-new condition:

  1. BulletWash your car's finish to remove unwanted dirt contaminants

  2. BulletClean your paint with paint cleaners and cleaner/polishes

  3. BulletPolish your paint to create unequaled beauty

  4. BulletProtect your paint with advanced paint protection products

WASHING: It's important to use a car wash solution that is specifically formulated for the unique chemistry used to make modern clear coats. Never use common dishwashing detergents because these products are extremely harsh and tend to dull the finish down with each use. They are are also hard on other materials and components such as rubber, vinyl and plastics. Also, always make sure your sponge or mitt is clean and free of contaminants by rinsing it in a separate bucket of clean water between uses!

CLEANING: Applying a wax, synthetic or natural, to a neglected surface that has not been properly cleaned and then polished, will merely act to seal or lock the contaminants to the finish.  Paint cleaners use microscopic abrasives to gently remove paint contaminants while removing very little of the actual paint.  A product called a CLAY BAR can be used to clean the painted surface even further.  It’s non-abrasive properties will grab onto, lift and pullout contaminants.

POLISHING: Once the painted surface is clean and free of contaminants you’ll want to polish it by hand or using a slow-RPM purpose built polishing tool. Apply a thin line of polish directly to the surface and start buffing immediately.  If you are using a machine, prevent paint burning by keep it moving and don’t let the surface dry out or get too hot.  Wipe down with a cotton terry cloth.

WAXING: Waxing is meant to seal the painted surface from the elements. A good rule of thumb is to wax your vehicle at least twice a year. Waxing should be done in a shaded location. Apply the wax directly on the applicator and buff in a circular motion. Allow the wax to harden (see manufacturers directions) and remove the wax with a soft micro fiber terry towel.

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